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Sunday, August 03, 2003
Sorry about that just don't pay attention to those last posts.

Good News Today : Killzone screens released, well technically yesterday but i'll count them as today's, look here --->

Bad News Today : Spymac still up... >:(

Favorite site today :

"Quote of the day"

"JULES THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!  OH MY GOD, THAT IS SWEET!!!  damn, i underestimated your vectoring skills.  never again will i do that.  i deserve to kick my ass for doing that.  damn, that is sweet, i'm just fine with how you did me.  awesome."


Killzone is the topic today, In all fairness it is going to be the best game ever created you know... Do you?
Well as you obviously DON'T know i'm going to post the pictures you stupid fool, you.
Here's a terrific picture of the in game action:
And one not so ingame, or ingame but not INgame
Will post more info when I find some.

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